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last weekend.....

Another quick visit to SoCal to see my buddies in Viva Hate who were doing 3 shows in a row playing with US Bombs and Charley Horse. I flew out after work on Thursday & picked up my rental car, this time lucking out in the rental car lottery after a 40 minute wait in a hellishly long line by which time they were fresh out of compact econo-boxes so I got a free upgrade to a very nice lipstick red Pontiac Grand Prix with leather seats, moonroof & XM radio that was a fun little car to zip around in :)

I would have got a decent night's sleep except that at 7 AM they started construction on the building next door - I heard banging, looked out the window & there was a guy with a hammer on the roof about 6 feet away. Grrrrr. Unable to get back to sleep I eventually just got going & drove up to Hollywood for some shopping on Melrose & a spree at Amoeba where I got some great deals on used CDs and also picked up Danzig's latest, "Black Aria II" & had a nice lunch at California Vegan which I'd always visit when I was with Amelia & had missed.

As Friday's show was in Riverside I left LA about 2 PM hoping to beat the traffic with no such luck - the 60 or so miles to Riverside too nearly 3 hours and I was most frustrated. I met up with my friend Mary at the mall there & stopped in Torrid & bought some very cute pyjama bottoms - one pair with little bats all over them & the other with purple spiderwebs & pink spiders. Then off to TGI Fridays for some dinner & we headed over to the Vibe.

Soooo great to see everybody again! And damn they are a great band, not just saying that because they are my friends but because the songs are really strong & they put on a great performance.

Some pix from Friday's show - lots more on the website www.vivahate.net/Oct-20-2006.html

hgere's Kamilla running the merch -

Since I was soooooo tired from not getting much sleep the night before we split shortly after they played to drive back to April's in Westminster & crashed out.
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