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my trip to Albany

I had a fantastic weekend with some new friends I'd met in mid September on my trip to Long Beach. I'd been writing to Ginny & Tina on the DF board when they were looking for a ride from the airport to their hotel the night before the Long Beach AFI/Tiger Army show & knowing I had nowhere in particularto be that nigt I offered them one & picked them up & we had a fun evening in a cool diner before I dropped them at their hotel & then ran into them at the show the next day. Upon hearing of the east coast AFI shows of course we made meet up plans for DC & Sayreville & I talked them into flying up to Albany with me for the Saturday show that was the last on the mini east coast tour. (yay again for cheap DING fares on Southwest!!!)

SOOOOOO glad we made it as we had a total blast & it was the best show of the tour!! Met some VERY cool folks in line including Isabel (Izzo Bo Bizzo on the board) who'd flown in from California and "T") (Mr.A13 who's real name is too long & crazy for me to try & spell), a very cute & friendly Mohawk fellow who'd come down with his friend from Quebec! Some little girl in line freaked when she saw him & insisted on getting her picture with him cause she thought he was Davey tho I can't imagine Davey ever with that much of a tan. ; )

So even tho it was cold as hell & we were in line from 11 AM and verbally assualted by crazy homeless people we still had a great time. We all made it up on the barricade & I got some amazing photos of the show (see my other post)

Ginny & Tina

Ginny & Tina with T

the crazy Canadians after the show

T shows off his ink

everybody freezing their butts off in line

Isabel from California isn't used to the cold -

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